CeeLo is arrested for giving woman Ecstacy

A woman has claimed that CeeLo and the unidentified woman were at a downtown L.A. bar and the next thing she knew she was naked in his bed. The D.A. filed charges of furnishing ecstasy -- a felony. CeeLo just pled no contest to sharing ecstasy the difference being there is no underlying concession he slipped her anything. In other words, it was voluntary sharing.

What make this story even stranger is CeeLo and the woman had been dating for months and he flew her out to L.A. and Vegas on several occasions to be with him. There were also witnesses in the bar who claimed she walked out looking fine.

The no contest plea is a felony but the plea allows him to maintain his innocence. CeeLo must perform 360 hours of community service at the MusiCares Foundation of the Recording Academy and attend 52 AA meetings with a private therapist. He's also on probation for 3 years.