Solomon Speaks - Sept. 25, 2014

Solomon Speaks

Speech is most important aspect of intelligence of mankind. From words rolled off tongue penetrating eardrums of others, to the way people perceive you from words distributed from your vocal box. Let no one corrupt or alter your intelligence because a name is better than fine gold & who you are or perceived as, holds a strong barring on how you see yourself. Just because you were born of dark chocolate or brown skin doesn't give anyone the right to treat you inferior, humiliate your presence on the soil or label you something other than N.A.M.E derived on your birth certificate. From 8 to 80, you are given opportunity to rise from any situation by strength of your perception of self. 2pac said that ""Niggers was the ones on the rope and niggas is the ones with gold ropes, hanging out at clubs." but it seems both had to wear something that still didn't change their skin color or the perception of others. 2pac, who has been credited with legitimizing the term, said his song N.I.G.G.A. stood for "Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished but I say when you allow someone to label you other than the N.A.M.E "Now Allowing Myself Ease" given to you at birth than you accept all the negativity that goes with it.

The youth of today have never experienced the hatred of racism & the acceptance of allowing individuals to spit upon you or physically abuse you will calling you nigga, or nigger so it's understandable that the word nigga is used more liberally among younger members of all races in the United States..Comedian Chris Rock's routine "Niggas vs. Black People" distinguishes a nigga, which he defined as a "low-expectation-having mother******," from a "black person".but once again, the labels that allow yourself to be called or defined other than the name you put on a check, off shore account & credit report does nothing but satisfy someone else perception of you. Whodini said it best when said "Say what you want but say my NAME right". Brothers & Sisters, you are not a nigga or bi**h but a son or daughter of the True God seeking your name to be written in the Book of Life. Guard your essence & cherish your N.A.M.E with all the strength given to by the Alpha & Omega.