Total dis-respect

Mayor Bill de Blasio is being dis-respected for doing something that previous mayors of New York were afraid to do, which is speak his mind and say how he feel when it comes to the unpunished misconduct of many police officers in New York City.

Last week the mayor sat down with police union leaders to try to defuse tensions among officers across the city in which the police commissioner Mr. Bratton later through a memo sent to all departments asking officers not to turn away from the mayor on Sunday, calling it an “act of disrespect” that distracted from the memory of the two slain officers. The Police Commissioner did not make the memo an order, by saying no one would be punished for not heeding it.

Mayor de Blasio ended his eulogy vowing to repair tensions between officers and many minority communities within the city of New York, as well as the deepening rift between many of those same officers and his administration. “Let us move forward by strengthening the bonds that unite us,” he said. “And let us work together to attain peace.”

A few rogue police officers are upset with the mayor, feeling Mayor Bill de Blasio is condoning the criticism of the police, in which there are thousands of cases of police misconduct, harrasement, unjustified shootings & corruption on public file but these same officers want to say “blood on the hands” started at City Hall. On a ship this would be a mutiny, how a few officers turned their backs to the Mayor of New York as they lined up on 65th Street, facing their fellow officers with heads tilted down, avoiding eye contact. These officers came from a number of precincts, from out-of-town departments and from the ranks of the retired.

To explain the tension between the New York police dept & communities of color, one would only have to examine what a retired police officer said at the funeral. “He’s been a cop hater long before he got elected mayor,” Mr. Burke said who retired in 2007 after 22 years on the police department. "The mayor’s close relationship with the Rev. Al Sharpton, who has frequently been seen leading protests against police behavior, Mr. Burke said of New York’s officers, “They’re not going to forgive him ever.”